The generic game provided with yendor.ts is almost on a par with the last python tutorial chapter.
Added recently :

  • equippable items (sword and shield)
  • possibility to throw items at enemies with various effects
  • player XP advancement (still useless as I still have to add a proper skill tree)
  • items stacking inventory (still needs some item sorting)


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  1. Hello, I’m here to say thanks you a lot for Yendor.ts. After two weeks using Yendor.ts, I’m quite impressed with its simplicity and potential.

    It’s simpler than libtcod, and apparently withouth losing much of its functionality.

    I see the roguelike example included with the source as a perfect companion for the library, because it serves for both learning and base for any game that anyone would to make.

    I also think that using Typescript is a great idea.

    Thank you again because it’s awesome (and made me learn a lot!).
    Best regards

    PS: please excuse any error, I’m spanish.

  2. thanks for the feedback. It’s nice to see someone enjoying this. And your english is probably better than mine 🙂