I’ve just published on github a libtcod-like library in TypeScript.

It comes with a generic game adapted from the python roguelike tutorial (up to the middle of chapter 9) : check here.

It’s been tested on firefox, chrome and internet explorer (9,11).

It currently uses a slow DIV-based renderer but that’s good enough for a turn by turn game. I’ll probably write a canvas ou webgl renderer some time.

Feel free to report issues on github.

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  1. Awesome stuff!! And with a game to boot. Any chance of uploading the compiled html/js so it can work as a live demo? And does typescript improve performance somewhat or did you choose it over javascript mainly for the programmer-side niceties, such as type-checking? (Just curious as I didn’t know typescript before your post!)

  2. Ok the game can be found here :

  3. typescript does’nt improve performances. It just brings a nice java-like OOP layer to javascript