libtcod : 1.5.x branch created

The mercurial repository on bitbucket now contains two branches.

default : this is the 1.6.0 branch and will have significant changes including some refactoring of the sys module.

1.5.x : this is the 1.5.2 branch and will get only bugfixes. This is where you will find soon the stable 1.5.2 release and eventually a 1.5.3 version later.

The nightly builds will stick to the 1.5.x branch for now.

If you’re compiling libtcod from bitbucket and want to stick with the 1.5.x branch, do this :

# get the latest changes from repository
> hg pull
# switch to the 1.5.x branch
> hg update 1.5.x

Without action from your part, you’re now on the 1.6 branch.

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