We are seeking roguelike players to help review this year’s 7DRL challenge entrants!

This is an exciting chance to try a large variety of roguelikes!

You do need to be willing to commit to reviewing at least 10 games. Each game you should be willing to spend at least one hour on – after all, the author spent 168 hours!

You also have to be willing to review the games that are chosen for you, so be willing to put up with broken installers, confusing controls with no readme.txt, and unusual run-time dependencies.

Each game you will rate on a 1-3 scale in 6 categories. Each category should get a short, single sentence, description of why it had that rating. And, finally, there should be a single paragraph summary of your experience with the game. You can get a better idea of what is expected by viewing the previous years results:


Your help is needed. There were a lot of roguelikes written this year. Which is very exciting. But also very daunting if we wish to attain a fair coverage!

If you’re interested, feel free to register here :


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