Big update on libtcod 1.5.2

I’ve just merged a big chunk of changes from Richard Tew’s android port. This fixes SDL2 compilation on MinGW and should bring features like console scaling on fullscreen, but it also might break some stuff (I think mouse coordinates don’t work the same way in full screen).

So if you’re in the middle of the 7DRL challenge, don’t update !

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  1. Is there a use case where you’ve seen mouse coordinates work differently?

    I normally play my Brogue port based on this on Windows, in windowed mode. And the Android build plays in fullscreen. Both work the same. But then, there is no mouse on Android, so this is perhaps a possibility 🙂

  2. When the game is fullscreen and padded (not scaled), the top left console cell is not at screen position 0,0. Since the merge, it seems that the mouse always reports cell 0,0 near the screen top-left corner, even if it’s out of the console. That means the game has to be aware whether it’s running windowed or fullscreen and apply some translation to the mouse coordinates when it’s fullscreen which is not what we want. If the game screen is scaled and the console fills the screen, there is no issue since cell 0,0 is indeed in top-left corner.