Wrappers erratum

I mixed Common Lisp and Racket (formerly PLT-Scheme) in my previous post.
The third party page is now fixed. Here are all the current Lisp wrappers as far as I know :

They now have their dedicated board at roguecentral.

Here is also a newcomer :

Nimrod is a young programming language, but has lots of interesting features. It’s probably one I will keep an eye on.

These are all the active wrappers as far as I know. The other existing wrappers (Lua, D, C#, Go) are not maintained anymore. If you’re aware of another active wrapper, please let me know.

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  1. Mmh, delicious Nimrod. I should really get into that language.

  2. I’ve just finished creating a new binding for D. I wouldn’t call it a wrapper, as it’s a direct 1-to-1 binding. It also differs from Bernard’s old code in that it loads the shared library manual at runtime via LoadLibrary/dlopen and friends. I’ve added it to the Derelict 3 project at github. I started Derelict 8 years ago with just a handful of bindings (OpenGL, SDL, and OpenAL). It’s grown and evolved over the years. I’m very picky about adding new libs, but I’m liking libtcod and decided I needed a good binding for it myself, so it’s there for anyone who wants to use it.

  3. Ok, link updated. Thanks 🙂