[motivational] Mind. Blown.

Genius rarely comes without some kind of craziness. And Mark Johnson, creator of Ultima Ratio Regum, is definitely a genius. He just released the latest version of his 16th century battle simulator. And boy you should try it and read about it. The attention to detail is such that the world generator starts at… solar system level.

16th century battles… solar system… Something is itching ? That’s probably the wind of unconventionality…

If you are lacking inspiration, motivation or ambition to write your own roguelike, I suggest you immerse yourself in the work of people who have it. Read them, and see how they pursue their dream against all odds. They don’t care if their game doesn’t follow established rules and conventions. They don’t care if they spend a month on a generator that seems useless from the gameplay point of view. They’re not here to apply metrics and industrialized game design processes. And they are damn right. True masterpieces are not created using metrics. They are not smooth and consensual. They are sublimated dreams. They might be clumsy, but they always spark fascination.

Motivational games :

Ultima Ratio Regum




Motivational readings :

Prince of Persia development blog, by Jordan Mechner

The epic history of Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. development, by Derek Smart

Elite manual

Another world genesis, by Eric Chahi (in french)

Half-Life 2 apocalyptic development history

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  1. Mind totally blown! Another thing I love about Ultima Ratio Regum is the ASCII art. It’s in a completely different style than TCOD or the game I’m making, but the trees and mountain ranges look amazing. Well, time to work on my castle generator… 🙂

  2. Yeah, his ascii art is quite awesome. Even the main menu features amazing Ascii weapons o_O

  3. Wow. That’s some wild stuff right there. Reminds me of a different approach to the Dwarf Fotress-mode of game design. I’m a little surprised you didn’t include DF in the list of inspirational games, actually. I thought it’d fit right in next to Ultima Ratio Regum.

  4. Yeah, dwarf fortress totally has its place here. I just focused on recent games that are not released yet or at least not as mature as DF.