First, there is the C++ conversion of Jotaf’s article 6 bringing actual fight and a lightweight monster A.I. to the game :


Be aware that this article is significantly longer and harder than the previous ones.

On top of this article, you can use the third extra article to replace the basic A.I. with a proper scent tracking system. :


Note that since monsters currently move at the same speed as the player, scent tracking means that it’s impossible to escape a monster once it caught your smell. For this to work properly, you probably want to implement slightly slower monsters or ways to hide your smell or to temporarily stun monsters…

Finally, there’s another extra article dedicated to makefiles :


It shows you a way to use a very small makefile to compile the game on both Windows and Linux.

I hope you’ll enjoy those articles, and happy roguelike coding. Article 7 : Gui is on its way…

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  1. The awesome, it is incredible! Even a make tutorial! 😀

  2. thanks ^^