A few precisions

For those who wonder what I mean with “drop support” :

If someone provides a compiled package for a non official OS or language, I’ll put the link in the third party section of the download page.


I will make sure that the code of every release compiles on MSVC but I won’t provide a precompiled package.


I won’t remove all the ifdefs concerning OSX from the code.  If you want to maintain the OSX port, I’ll accept your patches. But I won’t host OSX specific files (makefiles or whatever) in the repository, so you’ll have to put them in your fork.


The 1.5.2 documentation will only cover C, C++ and python. I will keep the C# and Lua doc in the headers, but I won’t maintain it and it won’t be in the generated doc. If someone wants to maintain it in a fork, I can provide a doctcod howto.

Finally, I made a few changes to the C++ tutorial to prepare for the next chapter. If you want to be ready for part 6, re-download the part 5 source code.



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