This is some oldies I’ve just discovered in the dusty parts of my hard drive.

A libtcod tower defense embryo. There’s no gameplay at all, just watch your kingdom being destroyed by hordes of evil dark stinking creatures.

You can grab the compiled stuff here. (windows only but works fine with Wine)

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  1. Do you plan to keep working on it?

  2. Actually there’s some gameplay, you place elven towers with the right-button, which kinda gives you a chance against the hordes 😛

    This reminded me of an awesome RPG I used to play, called Legend (a.k.a. The Four Crystals of Trazere). There was a lot of variety in game modes; the overhead map was similar:

    In this world map, you could see good and evil armies (shown as banners) traveling from region to region, fighting and conquering stuff. If you encountered one you’d be in for a nasty fight. One important aspect was to donate to each tower/keep/etc to fund the war effort; if you didn’t do it for a long time the realm would be overrun.

    The rest of the game was D&D in style, probably the other coolest feature was how you combined runes to create new spells.

  3. @Jotaf : dammit ! Didn’t even remember having coded that! The idea was to have the strategy relying heavily on the terrain type. The map contains all the biome/precipitation/temperature data so for example some creatures don’t like hot weather or try to avoid swamps and so on. But I didn’t go far enough. I lost interest too quickly.

    @Worthstream : no I don’t plan to keep working on it right now. My focus is on cryon2d, pyromancer and the cave.