With the help of Richard Tew who ported Brogue to Android, I’m currently adding Android as a supported platform for libtcod 1.5.1. In the process, I’m planning to replace libpng with lodepng. That would fix a lot of dependency issues with libpng. Moreover, zlib is embedded in lodepng so this should also make it possible to get rid of zlib as well. The only remaining dependency would be SDL.

Android support also requires to switch to SDL2 but I won’t replace SDL1.2 though, because SDL2 is very unstable right now so I’ll support both versions.

All this is currently in progress and things will probably be a bit shaky for a few weeks, especially on windows/mac OSes because I only have access to a Linux box right now and I work only with makefiles. The cmake compilation system will be updated once everything is done.

If you want a stable 1.5.1 version, you should probably stick with revision c34e05c6cebc

With the recent support of python 3.2, that’s a pretty nice pack of features for the 1.5.1 and I’ll probably have to rename it 1.6 when I eventually release it…


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