More than a year after his first posts, the “Old One” keeps working on his everestish roguelike and it definitely has some Dwarf Fortress mind blowing sides in the way the world is generated. There’s still a long way to go but it already shows the eye and user friendliness I’ve always wanted in a major roguelike. I especially love the look of the overworld. I find it has a perfect balance between visual realism and schematic representation.

Check the videos, grab the rss feed and give the demo a try !

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  1. Hrm.

    “Graphically” it looks good, but reading the about page on his website doesn’t really tell me what he wants to achieve in the game, or what they gameplay itself will be like – seems like a “world simulator” more than an actual game, and seems to focus too much on technical details (“Procedurally generated and identifiably unique languages”) and not enough on what the thing is actually going to play like.

  2. That’s totally true. But I think you can create a good game in two ways :

    • either you have a good gameplay idea and you build everything aroung this gameplay (angry birds)
    • either you create a sandbox you can interact with and you let the gameplay emerge (minecraft)
  3. That’s true – although the basic gameplay of MC that was there from the very first alpha release was placing and removing blocks, which is still the base-mechanic of the game. What is the base-mechanic of this game?

  4. Well, it’s only a wandering @, not a game yet. Yet it shows some exiting traits of its developer, like a stubborn attention to details and the will to create something with high usability.

  5. I might be wrong, but I think the core mechanic that the author is going for is exploration. Some games have deliberately simple mechanics and a huge world with many details, like Knytt and Black Market. They’re mostly about the joy of exploration. I can see how simple combat mechanics and ways to affect the world, like saving a village and seeing the permanent effects of your deed, will work to make a very immersive game 🙂

  6. The basic gameplay is very simple: it’s a roguelike. The dev posts on some sites about it (This is taken from the bay12 forums, maybe it’s on his site I haven’t checked)

    Customizable user-generated worlds replete with their own rich, unique procedurally generated histories
    The ability to join or found nations and religions
    The ability to recruit and maintain both a traditional ‘party’ for small-scale exploration/battle and a larger army for wide-scale conflict (with situational restrictions on the uses of both)
    Unique dungeons, dungeon guardians, and artifacts to explore and pillage
    Construction of both small-scale and large-scale settlements according to play-style
    Strong focus on main character customization and development
    Free-form, highly open-ended gameplay