Apparently, the guys at 110mb.com decided to blow the two sites, just like that.
They don’t answer support requests and there’s no way we can log to the site, through ftp or phpmyadmin. Of course, we had no backup so everything seems lost. I have daily backups at eptalys, so this shouldn’t happen to doryen (including the forum and svn repositories), roguebard or roguecentral.

While being nice experimentations, the sites were not successes so I think we can live without them. I’m just sorry for all the people who contributed. I’ll miss my Oblivion world generation article too 🙂

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  1. Just a word of clarification: I had daily, weekly and monthly backups as well, but since the server’s been down since June, these haven’t been made for 3 months. Additionally, since I can’t log in, I can’t retrieve any backups anyway.

    I am in posession of the full Cookbook files + SQL backup from January – this is the last time I made a manual backup. If need arises, the data can be retrieved from there (losing this year’s 2 or 3 recipes), but I feel reluctant to do so for two reasons. First off, as Jice mentions, the site was not very successful. Google Analytics shows there was moderate traffic (300-400 hits per month), but the contributors barely filled the front page with a few recipes, almost half of them being my Hello World snippets. Second, the site used an old, unpatched CMS with a really clumsily written, Firefox3-oriented theme, meaning I’d also need to either update it or migrate it to a different CMS altogether, such as my own UmbraCMS (preferable solution, but more hassle). The additional work is, in my view, not compensated by the site’s popularity.

    There’s a slim chance the server will be restored at some point in the indeterminate future. But since this is not the first time Box15 (the server my account is at) goes down for over a week (in this case, over three months), I’d just backup the data and close the account with 110mb to avoid further stress.

    Regarding The Den, the blog was ridden with spambots, posting spam comments by the thousands (literally), with only six entries if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, no motivation to keep posting and with relatively low traffic (~400 hits per month, according to Google Analytics). Let’s face it: it’s wasn’t worth keeping anyway.

  2. Oh, I just found out: Burst Data Center (the actual data centre wher my server was at) had a UPS malfunction on May the 31st. A power spike caused damage to hard drives on several servers. The one containing MySQL databases on Box15 was completely dead. The data loss is irreversible and the sites will not be back online at 110mb.

  3. bah… shit happens… let’s keep going forward 😉

  4. The Wayback Machine appears to have every bit of The Den.

  5. @Fastred: yes, it’s possible to retrieve it, even from FeedBurner. Question is: is it worth it? I say nay.