Roguebard :

Three new songs available from Namfoodle bard. They were done for falloworld, a steampunk roguelike in development. They’re nice dungeon background tunes, either melancholic or threatening.

Pyromancer :

Porting pyromancer’s items to the cave’s system was quite long and required a lot of refactoring. But now it’s done. All existing spells now use the generic Item class and I got rid of the hardcoded spell_fireball.cpp file.

Creatures still require a lot of work. At least, pyromancer uses only the generic Creature class (where as the cave and treeBurner still have one class per creature as in the original pyromancer 7DRL), but it requires more work and an external creatures.cfg file. As items, creatures will rely on a generic class and be specialized through behaviors and skills (behaviors are for creatures what features are for items).

From the end user side, the new visuals apart, there are 2 new creatures and more powerups, as seen on those screenshots :In fact, the game is so hard with the new creatures that I keep adding new powers to the player to try and balance difficulty. I still have 2 weeks to make the game winnable (for non hardcore players)…

HELP WANTED for libtcod projects page :

As you may have seen, the latest project featured on libtcod project page dates back to October 2010. The page lacks all 2011 7DRL entries and lots of other projects. So if you have a project and want it featured on this page, send me :

  • your name
  • the language you use
  • the status of the game (7DRL, tech demo, alpha, beta, stable)
  • license (close source, public domain, BSD, GPL, …)
  • date when your project went public (your first announce on a forum/newsgroup/irc/…)
  • the url of your site or at least a download link
  • at least 3 screenshots of your game
  • a few lines description

at jice.nospam at our beloved non evil google mail (gmail.com if you don’t know).

[update] if your project is already there but the page doesn’t reflect its current status anymore, just send updated information as well.



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