In an abrupt and (not so) unexpected move, libtcod 1.5.1 just jumped to mercurial and bitbucket hosting.


Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to help me improve the part of the lib I’ve been neglecting since the beginning (non C/C++ ports, build systems…).

Update : and now with an updated How-To video from Mingos. See how to grab the code source from bitbucket and compile it on Windows (mingw) or Linux :

Another brutal change is the cancellation of pwned development. sublimetext does most of what I wanted in pwned and even more. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen from a perfect text editor. No need to try and beat it. Let’s get back to wandering @s… 🙂

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  1. Good move. I have several repositories on bitbucket and have been very happy with it. Loads of space and free private repositories.

  2. I’ve got my roguelike to be on bitbucket as well. The progression of your comments after I mentioned sublimetext made me laugh. Heeey… but… oh… OH…. HOLY SHIT. It’s the first editor I’ve seen that could drag me away from vim that’s for sure. Ctrl-p is definitely awesome.

  3. Sublimetext does look pretty spiffy, wonder how it compares to notepad++…