Pyromancer 0.2.0 is out.

Main changes since 0.1.2 :

  • Upgraded to latest Doryen engine
  • Improved generic item system. All spells are now items. No more hardcoding involved.
  • Added static lights in the dungeon
  • Added diffuse lights
  • Added mana bar
  • Added action UI
  • New creatures : dark wanderer, ice shrieker
  • New player spells : light, blast, firefly, beacon
  • Support for non square dungeons.
  • Slightly increased difficulty level


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  1. I liked the new additions, even though I’m not sure all the new spells have their places. My biggest problem, however, was how the game crashed just when I had started fighting the boss. :/

    Otherwise, flashy as ever. The new monsters are very nice. (:

  2. Thanks ! Damn. I know there’s a crash hiding in the code but I never reproduced it with the debugger… The blast spell is quite useless now but in the future, it’s supposed to repel enemies’ spells. Will be the only way to avoid getting frozen. As for the lights, firefly is useless once you have a good beacon, but again, it’s supposed to be improved (every cell lit by a firefly will be revealed on the memory map, making it great for fast exploration whereas beacon is here to provide light during fights).

  3. A little comment regarding gameplay: my mana runs out a bit too fast. I spent a large portion of my time running madly around the dungeon, avoiding any monsters I could find and waiting for the blue bar to refill. I had this difficulty particularly during the boss level, even though my mana was up at level 3. Limited mana became more of a nuisance than a challenge, unfortunately; maybe the recharging could be made a little faster.

    Otherwise, I’m really impressed with this update. I love the new features and monsters; the visual effects are even more dazzling than before 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  4. Hehe thanks 🙂
    Concerning the mana depletion issue. It’s quite strange. Do you play with the light spell always turned on ? Once at level 3, I’ve almost no more mana issue…

  5. Oh, right, I completely forgot about the light spell >_>