API break alert !

I decided to get rid of the old keyboard/mouse handling functions in libtcod, svn 547. If you update your version, you’ll have to use now the new functions :
TCODSystem::checkForEvent or TCODSystem::waitForEvent

Umbra has been updated too to use this new API.

I realize this is a rather brutal decision, but libtcod’s philosophy has always been to avoid backward compatibility bloat… There might still be issues in the new system, but I’ll try to fix them quickly.

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  1. you need to set up the title of this feed 🙂

  2. Is there going to be a release at some point, Jice?

  3. Yeah, I’m starting to think about a release on Sept, 18 for ARRP. Maybe a 1.5.1b2 or directly 1.5.1. I don’t think opengl/glsl are viable roads anyway. They’ll stay as is until someone is interested in pushing them further. They were nice experiments but they lack the universality of SDL.