Ascii Paint, the great libtcod powered ASCII text editor written by visionary Shafqat Bhuiyan has just taken one more step towards total amazingness.

eigenbom revamped its UI and added a killing feature : animated gif export.
kudos to him ! Follow ASCII animation road to glory on this tigsource thread :

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  1. Hah, very surprised to see my ascii mech appear in google reader.

    Cheers for the shoutout!

  2. hehe you’re welcome. I’m curious to see were this is going… I intend to add native support to Ascii Paint format in libtcod. Maybe something like
    TCODConsole *con = new TCODConsole(“myfile.asc”);
    and also non constructor load/save functions :

  3. Hey Jice, I sent you an email but got bounced. See below..


    i took a quick look, and you are right about asc_file.cpp having a bug. However ascii-paint doesn’t actually use these functions, see:


    I’ve only been working with the ascii-paint code for a couple of weeks so there’s still a bit to do, but when I get the chance I’ll take a look at cleaning up the asc file interface. In particular, I’m interested in adding extra data (layers, embedded palettes, sprite info) etc. I saw your comment regarding asc support in libtcod — it would be cool if we could figure out a nice extendable format (and maybe there’s something out there already?).

    Tty later,

  4. got the mail. Dunno why you were bounced back. Sent you a reply with the file format we had in mind with Shafqat.

  5. Nice work!