Blu-ray storage Win !

I was about to mark this as off-topic, but anything concerning the Lord of the Ring is not off-topic in a RPG related website !

Anyways, I’ve just come back from Mirepoix’s medieval fair with those two cute dragonic bookends and I thought they would nicely go with the LOTR collector blu-ray box \m/

[edit] Before this triggers a shitstorm, I apologize to LOTR fans for the wrong boxes order. I fixed that, but the picture turns into an epic fail…

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  1. It looks epic with the orb right next to the dragons! Now all you need is a decorative sword and you’re set 🙂 Hm, I don’t recall seeing any dragon-themed items for sale last time I was in Carcassonne… In those places they usually stick to “strictly historical” stuff.

    BTW downloading the radiosity demo I just noticed you have an impressive collection of demos already. It’s great that you bother to polish them up and post them; I’m sure most of us have lots of demos too, except they’re in a totally broken or unpublishable state, which is a shame…

    About PwnEd, have you considered turning your horizontal bar into a vertical one? There’s not much difference anyway. But I understand that there’s a lot of unused space at the top horizontal bar with the search field and all that, and you wanted to take advantage of it.

  2. There’s a little shop in Mirepoix, south Carcassonne, full of witches, scantily clad fairies and dragons 🙂 There were also swords and daggers at the medieval fair, but my wife would have killed me if I had given too 🙂

    Concerning the demo, releasing them forces me to code a little better than I would otherwise. It’s still no great code, but probably clean enough to be used by someone else. I’m still waiting to see one of those snippets to be used in someone else game though. Brian was interested by the Navier-Stokes stuff for smoke dispersion in Brogue, I’d love to see that become real 🙂

    Yeah, “optimizing space” was probably why I put it horizontally, although “fuck the conventions” was probably as strong a motivation :D. I’m not sure were this project will go as the wxwidgets path seems to be a dead end. Unfortunately, the code heavily relies on wxwidgets classes (containers, strings) and changing the widget library means almost rewriting everything from scratch…