Umbra video and rantings

Mingos provided a new tutorial video that helps you set a foot in the stirrup with Umbra. If you happen to use it, we’re very interested in any feedback about how to improve it.

Concerning the cave, nothing new since the last Ubuntu 10.04 update broke my wi-fi… again… Sometimes I really hate Linux… I’m upgrading it to 10.10RC through Ethernet hoping wi-fi will be back… I know. I’m an optimistic fool…

[edit: oh this is so fucking great. Not only 10.10RC didn’t fix the wifi driver, but it messed up the screen display. And I was stupid enough not to commit the cave before rebooting… I need to frag penguins…]

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  1. Consider yourself lucky. Upgrading between Ubuntu releases has been unsuccessful every time for me.

  2. Now that you mention it, it never worked for me neither… Not on a real computer. Never had an issue with virtual machines though, but that’s easier, Windows handles all hardware interface…