TreeBurner video

If you did not or could not try TreeBurner, you can have a look at this video. If you like 70s british progressive rock, you might even like it more (it’s a cover but it fits well)… 😉

Now if you’re in a more studious mood, you can have a look at latest Umbra developments on umbrarum regnum’s blog.

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  1. Awesome demo video, as always. By the way, what software are you using for the recording? And what platform is it for?

  2. Camtasia for winblows 😉

  3. Nice, I can now show this to my friends, they’ll be wowed for sure 😀 BTW what’s the music? I really dig it! 😉

  4. It’s a cover of “21st century schizoid man” by King Crimson. For more songs of this type listen to those albums :
    Starless and bible black
    Larks tongues in aspic
    In my opinion the 3 best albums of the band