libtcod 1.5.1 (svn) on Haiku

Ubuntu 10.10 is definitely not working on my MSI X410 notebook. I’ll reinstall the 10.04 version.

In the meanwhile, I had a look at haiku and the result is a working version of libtcod for Haiku (get it on the download page or compile it from svn using the makefiles/makefile-*-haiku). The code has been pretty easy to port. Using ANSI C is a good choice even if it’s sometimes a bit cumbersome.

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  1. Hehe, yeah, when I do independent projects, I often go paranoid and make them compile with the -pedantic-errors flag :). Nice job there, I think when UR site is ready I’ll also post about my OS and IDE juggling too :). I’ve been preparing another Umbra vid – using NetBeans and OpenSUSE :D. Or Fedora – I haven’t decided yet (I have OpenSUSE+KDE, and since I’m used to Gnome, it turns out a bit cumbersome for me – and Fedora uses Gnome).

  2. Yeah. Each new platform improves the code portability. I’m thinking about giving a try at those OpenBsd/FreeBsd thingy too 🙂

  3. Why not post the binaries (maybe with some example games) on haikuware.com or bebits.com?

  4. well, it’s a nighty-buildish release. I think I’ll port the more stable 1.5.0 and post it on haikuware.com. Thanks for the suggestion.