Ok most of the gameplay is here. I added city walls, a boss to kill, a winning condition. Fixed a lot of bugs, some dating back to pyro…

I’d like to make it a bit more challenging by adding deadly archers in the city watch towers, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to do it. My starting post was 9:24PM. That means I’ll have very few time tomorrow when I get back from work, barely enough to balance the difficulty, compile and release for win & linux. Haiku is out for the 4DRL release because I need Lua. I’ll probably released a stripped down version for Haiku later.

I’m not fully satisfied with the visuals. Lights are a bit washed out and they don’t  affect canopy. This leaves room for improvement in further releases…

Attacking city walls

This was a peaceful village before you arrive

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  1. Looks awesome 😀 About the “washed out colors”, I can see two fixes: you can make the fire not just yellow but also able to (randomly) have a red tint (depending on your code this may be easy or hard to do), and/or you can make the background colors more “washed out” (by reducing contrast, making them more grayish and pale), so that the fire stands out more 🙂 Because in comparison, the background colors are really, really bright! (They were meant for the dream-like world of The Cave’s intro, right?)

  2. Yeah, indeed, less saturated background would work well. I’ll do that in a next release 🙂