I’ll make a pause before I get completely blind. Progress has been great. Now the fire darkens the ground. Buildings can burn too (though the roof keeps floating in the air when the walls collapse…). I fixed the canopy performance issue and added villagers to kill (for now, they’re just pyromancer’s minions with a new name…). There are some bugs though, some fun, some not.

  • the lightmap only works on the center square of the screen. I already hunted this bugs for hours in pyromancer, it’s still here…
  • killing fishes with fireballs is very SIGSEGV-prone…
  • sometimes, villagers drop bottles when they are killed. WTF ?? I never coded THAT !!!

Despite the lack of goal, it’s already really fun to unleash hell on those poor guys. It seems that the success is assured, since there are no more technical snags. I have more than two days to polish the visuals and bring some gameplay. I think it’s going to be a pretty fun mini game 😀

Now let’s have some more beer… \m/

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  1. OMG, you get to play Pyromancer in a forest setting?? Didn’t you listen to Smokey the Bear? It’s a disaster!! Oh, wait, that’s the point 😀 Awesome man. Be careful, if the press knows about this you’ll start seeing headlines like “new controversial game trains people to be arsonists” (they’ll forget the small detail that you’ll need to develop magic powers before the training is of any use…) 😛 Hehe I can’t wait to play this 🙂 So, you’re a villain, or is there something bigger going on here?

  2. Yeah it seems you turn slightly evil this time… >:D