Using my cookie/beer pause for a small update ;)…

Took me a while to display properly fireballs in an outdoor environment. I had to refactor pyromancer’s Light and LightMap class to use HDRColor instead of TCODColor. Those HDRColor store r,g,b values in float fields, without the 0-255 limitation. Now fireballs look better (still not awesome but I try to get things done first. I’ll keep awesomeness for post-4DRL releases…)


The fire renderer/manager was easier to implement than expected. I thought I would have to write a cellular automata fire propagation algorithm so that the fire jumps from tree to tree in a controllable way, but in fact, the cave embedded heat system does it perfectly out of the box. This is the system that turns a raw fish into a cooked fish when you put it near a campfire. Well, it’s also perfect to set trees on fire…

But it’s awfully slow, mainly because when a tree burns out, I have to recompute the whole map canopy. I would need to store each tree individual contribution to the canopy and shadow map somewhere… Not sure I’ll do it for the 4DRL release. The priority is now opponents and AI…

fire propagation

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