Things started not very well for TreeBurner. First I rapidly gave up using Haiku to code it due to huge issues with gdb, maybe due to the use of SDL. I fell back to my Ubuntu VM. I was able to rapidely setup an empty game shell with a forest map with a little town, title, victory and death screens. Thanks to the recent updates on Umbra, I’m able to code directly inside The Cave instead of having to fork it then painfully merge my changes back to the engine. But as everything was promising, I just realized that the cave’s outdoor engine cannot render pyromancer’s fireballs due to a different shading pipeline. I eventually made them work, but they don’t look good enough, because they’re only lights. That works well in a pitch black cave, but in a dawn setting, I’ll need some HDR-like magic to make them look brighter. In the end, I did not spend a minute on this first day working on burning trees… After “The Cave” without a cave ™, will I release TreeBurner without burning trees ? I hope not 😉

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  1. Keep it up Jice:D looking forward to it.

    I think it’s pretty understandable if flames don’t look as brilliant in the day time.

  2. I want them brilliant anyway ! 😀