This is a sneak peek of the current work on the cave. The first step toward some gameplay was to add objectives and the screen to keep tracks of them. While chapter 1 is supposed to be a sandbox, you’re not supposed to wander indefinitely in the forest, nor rushing to the cave entrance. You’ll have some quests to accomplish to ensure you’ve gone through all the mechanisms of the game before meeting real opponents. This is a first draft. The nifty part is that each objective can have a starting and ending lua script. The lua interface is currently minimalist, this is more a proof of concept than an actual implementation, but I will improve things when my knowledge of the lua API improves.

The next feature is a dedicated screen for crafting. You can still do simple 1+1 operations by dragging items in the inventory, but the crafting screen allows to use more complex “recipes”. All this works with drags and drops. The screen will probably change depending on the item you put in the tool slot. If you put a flask, the screen will be dedicated to potion making. The screen already filters your inventory, showing only the ingredients that can be used in recipes. The final version will maybe dynamically disable ingredients that can’t be used anymore on the current recipe. This will make it easier to discover new recipes.

Finally, there are various bug fixes and enhancements in the way the UI works. A “take all” button has been added to the looting screen and the introduction screen can be scrolled to accommodate longer texts. Some part of the code are really putrid in 0.0.1 resulting in never ending bugs. I started to add a pinch of engineering in this mess, but the road to clean code is still long… 🙂

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  1. Are we gonna be able to frag noobs with pyromancy?:D

  2. I’m afraid this won’t happen in chapter 1. All you’ll be able to kill is deers, fishes and time… 🙂
    Things should start to get hotter in chapter 2…

  3. I’m loving the upgrades. Visually, I think it’s safe to say that this is the most impressive roguelike yet. And with what I know is coming, I think it’s safe to say that we have a hit on our hands 😉

  4. This looks very nice. I assume this is the GUI stuff in TCOD? I haven’t looked at that yet but I will be within a month.

    I really appreciate the work you are doing on the TCOD. I’m building a roguelike myself.

  5. @will : thanks. If I can provide inspiration for other roguelike developers, half of my job is already done 😉

  6. @will: This is not the GUI stuff from libtcod ;).