The cave 0.0.1 released

Copy and paste from r.g.r.d. post :

I can’t really consider it a success because it’s barely more than a
walking @ in a good looking empty map. ARRP deadline failed to keep me
focused enough to get more than a tech demo. But ARRP is more about
bringing life than bringing finished winnable games.


You’ll get a warning for the certificate. You can ignore it, it’s not
a fishing site 🙂

There’s a dedicated board for bug reports, hymns of glory and
insults :

PS : by the way, there is no cave yet in “the cave” ! Let’s start
working on 0.0.2….

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  1. holy $%&* ive been waiting for ever 😀 good job man

  2. Well, it at least looks like a very pretty game that does almost nothing;)

    Now if you can keep yourself away from fish schoal AI and dynamic cloud formation algorithms we might get an actual game next year;)

    Hopefully from me too:D my ‘engine’ is coming along at an acceptable rate.

  3. Don’t worry guys, Jice has exhausted what he can do in chapter 1!! 😛

    Man that looks absolutely incredible! The title screen simultaneously has a warm and a mysterious feel, very fitting; I love the gradual light effects and the minimalistic but high quality music just couldn’t be better (congrats Mingos! you shouldn’t have named this song “harp test” though 😛 ). About the gameplay, I’ll make a post to the appropriate forum.

  4. Thx guys.

    @Jotaf : I made the new title screen a few days ago in a hurry. The previous one was really awful, I couldn’t watch it anymore 🙂
    As for Mingos’ song, it wasn’t even intended to be a song. He probably just turned his midi keyboard on while he was bored and wrote this in 2 minutes. He sent it to me as “harp test.ogg”, like “hey listen to this crap” and I instantly wanted it for the cave. It’s perfect, I wouldn’t change a single note. This guy is a musical genius 🙂
    Exhausted all the eyecandy for chapter 1 ? Far from it 😀

  5. LOL! Funny stuff; time doesn’t always equal quality, you got your music from a harp jam session! 😀

    Yeah I know, you taught us to never underestimate your ability to come up with eyecandy hehe!

  6. Well done! Wasn’t sure what to expect, as I haven’t been following, but I was blown away, great job!