[OT] Back to wakfu

Sorry if this sounds like a sheer ads, but I have bought the second wakfu dvd and I’ve been watching it again and again for a week.

I was already a fan of the first dvd, but the second blows everything away. While the first one contains mainly independent little stories with a quite light and childish atmosphere, the second one form a single arc slowly building with a mind blowing, much more mature ending.

Unfortunately, I think the series is only available in French currently.

As often, a few AMV pay more tribute to the series than the official ads (don’t worry, I chose only jpop-free AMVs 😀 )


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  1. I’ve tried to get into anime fairly often. I’ve watched a lot of Elfin Lied, and a bit of Full Metal Alchemist and Cowboy Beebop, but they haven’t done much for me. The only one that really has is Dragonball (if you were ever a fan I must recommend you watch the new kai version, it’s fantastic without the filler).

    Wait does Avatar count as anime? Because that series was sweet.

  2. Speaking of Avatar, I’ve been very impressed by Night Shyamalan’s movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one.

    Elfen Lied is one of my favorite anime. I prefer the short series (up to 30 episodes) because they tell a true story while big series like naruto or dragonball tends to repeat a lot (but I’ve never seen the new kai version). This is what Wakfu does. It tells a complete story with a proper ending and no useless suspense to sell the second season.

    I would recommend this one too :
    It has a pretty unique script. Each episode kind of re-tell the same story in a different way, as if each episode occurred in a parallel universe. It’s quite disturbing too (but not as disturbing as Elfen Lied…)

  3. heh strange. The higurashi would be the last one that I recommend.