ARRP 2010 D-1 !

There are still 24 hours left before September, 19th, day of the first annual roguelike release party. Let’s hope there will be lots of great releases. 24 have already been publicly announced. How much more are hiding ? We’ll know soon.

As for me, I consider my upcoming release as a relative failure. I’ll release something, so it’s not a complete defeat but whereas I wanted to use the ARRP pressure to have the first part of an actual game done, I end up with a very feature-less tech demo. Something that could have taken 2 or 3 days of work for a classic roguelike. Except that mine took hundreds of hours and more than 19k lines of code (not counting libtcod of course)….! Most of them are not used in this release though. For example, the project contains the complete pyromancer! code and the cave’s world generator but not a single line of those is used.

As a teaser, here is a mashup of some screenshots of the tech demo. As you can see, the poor ASCII console is having a rough ride… 😀

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  1. Woohoo!! It’s gonna be a party alright; just playing a little bit of The Cave will be awesome 😀 Any lack of playable features doesn’t worry me — any other RL with the same gameplay characteristics wouldn’t have nearly the same amount of polish, detail, and a solid architecture under the hood 😀

  2. Hehe you’re right, except for the solid architecture. It’s currently highly under-engineered. I do crappy stuff and improve it slowly once I know how rather than trying to get the perfect generic architecture from scratch. The consequence is that the cave’s code is a big pile of crap almost collapsing under its own weight… 😀

  3. Just keep two rolls of duct tape around to make any emergency repairs and it’ll be alright! 😛 Mine is like that too, there are experimental features (full of hacks) and stable code, of course not worrying about clean code when messing with new stuff is very liberating and keeps the creative flow going! 😀

  4. looks good bro 😀