Instead of working on some actual gameplay, I’ve spent a few days on the message log and a layer on top of Umbra’s widgets… Here is a small video describing its current features. With all this fluff, I think thatΒ Sept. 19’s release will be nothing more than the most expensive walking @ in roguelike history….. X/

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  1. wow that’s some serious fluff πŸ˜€

  2. Indeed, it’s kind of… fluffy πŸ˜€

  3. Haha at first I thought the message with a different font was a new feature! I was like: “whaaaa??! he embedded a secondary font using custom characters?!” πŸ˜› The way the messages fade out in sequence looks awesome, and the widget functionality is super impressive. Are widgets easily made draggable using Umbra?

    Concerning gameplay, just make enemies hittable when bumping into them and that’s it! The first version will be completely overhauled later anyway, so there’s no point delaying it; also, you already have a nice message log for combat!! πŸ˜€

  4. BTW, how heavy are the modifications to UmbraWidget?

  5. @Jotaf : ^^ thx. Draggable widgets come kind of out of the box with Umbra. The minimize/maximize and snap features are currently in the cave code, but they’ll probably make it to Umbra later. Your gameplay suggestion is sensible, but… I don’t even have enemies yet…. only a stupid sidekick that can do nothing and stupid fishes πŸ˜€

    @Mingos : currently, it’s much lighter than I though. I just added a endDragging function to UmbraWidget so that inheriting widgets can be notified when the dragging action ends. With vanilla Umbra, that would require to copy and paste the whole UmbraWidget::mouse function. But the big change would be to inject min/max and snap features to UmbraWidget, but they’re not ready yet. I have bigger plans (including resizable widgets…)

  6. This is a kind of cray concept so bare with me here; wouldn’t it be better to do more of the game just using the basics you’ve already done then add fluff later?:D

  7. I agree 100% with you. It’s just that there’s this Jack Londonish Call of the Fluff that I can’t resist… Or maybe it’s some Freudian fear of the gameplay that keeps me fiddling with useless stuff…

  8. Well it’s not entirely useless; it makes for some great videos and it will look awesome in the final game! You probably want your combat system to be innovative and edgy and filled with psychedelic visuals; and anything less than that (“decrease HP by X amount?? pfff”) sounds like you’re settling with something that’s waay too rudimentary. I gotcha, I’m still missing 80% of my combat system because I can’t imagine it being fun enough; and those 20% took much longer than they should have. Anyway, you’ve got prior experiences with at least two RL combat systems, the (probably) overly complex Arena and the simpler Pyromancer. Personally, I think what’s missing in the Arena system is just to make it turn-based, and put more spells in; frankly it was hard to absorb so much information at such an incredible rate. Also, any randomly generated map presents a degree of tactical challenge that a blank fighting space can’t provide. If you want to stick to a real-time game it’ll have to be something with a complexity level that is in the middle between Pyromancer and the Arena. πŸ™‚

  9. Yeah. I guess I also post those videos with the hope that it will trigger some vocation and someone more talented than me will write that roguelike of my dream so that I won’t have to do it myself πŸ˜€
    As for combat system, I think Arena would be much better with modern fps-like controls. Using a cell by cell keyboard control scheme in such a fast paced game is a huge mistake. The other issue is the very small map. Make the Arena 5 times bigger. And remove lots of explicit data. So many progress bars ! The cave is definitely going toward a minimalistic HUD. As you suggested earlier, even the health bar could be removed as long as something makes you aware of your current state (like a red veil or heart beats when you’re near death).

  10. That sounds pretty cool; minimalistic HUD have worked well for many games. Are you going for fast-paced or slow and tactical combat? Unfortunately we can’t have both πŸ˜›

  11. Modern FPS controls? Ok so minus the mouse to change direction and shoot, and minus spacebar to jump…so you’d have WASD to move around (how would you do diagonals?) and 1, 2…9 for your weapon slots… apart from that..?

    And yeah well at least you’re actually still programming. I can’t find any time to work on roguelike stuff anymore:( I need an easier degree

  12. oh I think we can. It depends on the enemies. Fight a single tough enemy, it will rather be tactical, move around, hide, take some buffs, heal, use spells to weaken him and so on. Now fight 50 nasty harmless critters, it’s a mindless clickfest πŸ˜€

  13. Oh nice! So it’s more of a display thing: 1-on-1 combat needs somewhat detailed info on the enemy, but showing it for many enemies would be overwhelming. How about a targeting system? Detailed stats could be shown for the current target only. (Call it ‘focus’ or something.) You’d need it anyway if you were thinking about having ranged combat… πŸ™‚

  14. @TSMI : no, actual FPS control as in pyromancer. You move with WSAD, you aim and hit (or cast a spell) with the mouse. That’s also the scheme used by recent games like Alien swarm. Works pretty well for a top-down real-time game IMO. In Diablo, you do everything with the mouse but it’s kind of right-hand intensive. I find the keyboard/mouse scheme more balanced.

    @Jotaf : yeah, some information will probably be shown only for bosses. I expect the player to decimate too much lesser critters per minute to bother displaying stats for them.