Releasing… finally…

No, no, not The Chronicles of Doryen v1.0… Not the cave v0.0.1a1 neither… but at least something has been released !

I’ve grown tired of showing off stuff and never being able to release anything so I decided to extract the niftiest pieces of code and make small tech demos with them. This way, they’re no more bloggish vapor and the source code is easier to understand and reuse once extracted from the main project.

There are 3 of them right now, I’ll dig in the archives to see if there are other interesting bits I could process. Get them on the new Demos page.

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  1. Hey some new toys for us to tinker with! And code 😀 Awesome! I had already noticed the demos link, but it only had the fluid simulation a few days ago. The water demo looks really cool, in fullscreen it has that low-res pixely feel to it, which I love 🙂

    And … what is that? TILE DEMO??! Oh, it’s just an SDL callback rendering a pre-rendered image. Wait… layers? shadows? smooth tile borders? How could you hide this from us Jice? 😀 That’s it, I’m all pepped up; time to lay down the coffee.

  2. Yeah, it’s the follow-up of an experimentation for Goblin Camp. For my demo, I wanted to use the most gorgeous free tileset on the net but it requires a lot of work to use. As you noticed, soft shadows, ground transition smoothing and so on. There are also awesome cliffs on the tileset but I didn’t understand how to use them. Maybe in a future release…