The Rogue Bard updated

The Rogue Bard has just been upgraded with a brand new skin from UmbraProjekt. It now looks completely professional and is only waiting for new songs to be uploaded. While the 2008 RogueLike Soundtrack Contest has been a great success, the next contests, with no time limitation, are slightly less productive (0 submission in 18 months!!!). We’ll have to find other ways to motivate bards, maybe a new contest similar to 2008 RLSC…

Oh wait, I think I just see a new song over there… This was intended to be some theme for the cave, but I don’t think I’ll use it after all.

By the way, check the skin evolution since the site started 18 months ago (and have a good laugh at the first one :D)

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  1. Well, that’s evidence of my evolution as a web designer ;). A year and a half ago, I was putting a considerable amount of work into something that turned out to be laughable. About half a year later, my skills were good enough to produce a layout that’s not “unconfortable to look at”, but still a bit “retro”, tech-wise (plus, I was only able to do a mockup in Photoshop, but it was Jice who cut it and wrote the code for it). Yesterday I was able to create a good looking design, write more advanced code for it (CSS @font-face, tons of PHP, conditional statements, some JavaScript) and adapt it to Jice’s custom code (remember that Rogue Bard doesn’t use a CMS) – all in a 24 hour time span. I think I can be proud of myself. Hope you guys enjoy the new layout :).

  2. Sweet! I have to say, the site looks really professional (as all the latest sites you put up, like the cookbook for example). Where did you find that hi-res photo? It really helps in setting the mood 🙂

  3. *that* hi-res photo ? Just wander a bit on the site, you’ll see that there are lots of them ! And yeah, they’re totally awesome. According to Mingos, he found them on some free stock exchange site, but I suspect he killed some professional photographer to steal them 😀

  4. Hehe yeah, I confess I hadn’t wandered into the site when I posted, I had just seen the screenshot and decided to comment 😛 Indeed, each time you refresh there’s a new one! That talented photographer didn’t deserve that fate 😀

  5. http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1017290

    Can’t find the 9th one. I’ll probably add a couple more, as there are tons of really great photos I can use. But there’s more important stuff to do right now. Such as adding the publishing/unpublishing options for articles :).