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I’ve discovered fogbugz recently, thanks to Magecrawl’s blog. So long I’ve always sticked to the old flyspray, because every other bug tracker I tried was overbloated. I need barely more than google todo list. And that’s what fogbugz seems to do. I’ve been using it for a few days and I’m really satisfied with it. It’s free for up to 2 developers projects and even have nice evidence based scheduling reports. Not that I need them but they provide some more motivation. You never have enough motivation 🙂


Some screenshot (warning, spoiler inside)

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  1. Awesome. If any open source project is interesting in using fogbugz, which in my opinion is the best bug tracking software out there, and is bumping into the two person limit, contact them and let them know. I got an e-mail back in less than a day letting me know that open source licenses was something they had talked about before and while there weren’t ready to do it right now, it was floating around. Letting them know there is interest is never a bad thing. 🙂

  2. Sorry but I just had to read all the items the screenshot (shameful I know!). Are you really implementing all of that?? I mean, this sort of advanced crafting system is very similar to the one I wanted for my pie-in-the-sky RPG (everyone who is into gamedev probably experienced that — it’s the RPG you write pages and pages of design docs about when you’re, oh say, 15-18 years old or something) By the time I had the skill to code it I had already moved on to other stuff =\ I’d love to get my paws on a game with that kind of detail 😉

    Thanks for the tip about fogbugz, I had already read about it and everyone who tried it seems very enthusiastic; I’ll have to give it a try too 🙂

  3. @Chris yeah. Too bad you can’t download it and install it on your own server. I’m a bit concerned about where go all the bugtracker datas (and what happens to them if they close their doors…)
    @Jotaf Well, not “All of that”, rather “Only that”. If the case says you can craft a knife handle from a wooden twig, that means you can only do that. Of course, once the base mechanism is in the code, hopefully, I’ll be able to add more content quickly. Apparently, I”ve been running after some pie-in-the-sky RPG too for a few years. The only difference is that I’ve never written a single line of design doc 😀 So long, that doesn’t seem to bring more success than your method though, but I’m not giving up hope 😉

  4. Hehe well, I was trying to create an RPG with the same graphical level of commercial games, AND those detailed mechanics; I never had a chance! On the other hand, it might’ve been possible if instead I had decided to create it in the form of a roguelike, even though I didn’t have the same experience I have now 🙂

    Of course, game design without a design doc is a kind of an improv exercise, and as such, it’s very likely that I will (subconsciously) introduce many aspects of my dream RPG in my new roguelike 😀 And regarding pie-in-the-sky RPGs, I have a feeling that TCOD will share many similarities with what I envisioned 😉

  5. Never has a todo list been so exciting! The Cave is looking like quite a good game. At the moment, the major flaw/bug/issue is that it hasn’t been released yet. It’s your choice as to when to release it, but It’d be great to follow the project’s progress by playing versions of it.
    My ‘pie in the sky’ RPG has been through a number of iterations, and is currently sitting at a procedeurally generated world/quests/characters version of Oblivion with a roguelike interface and construction of buildings/machinery from dwarf fortress. I can’t bring myself to write any design docs because I know that I’ll just be depressed by how unlikely it is. TCOD has been looking pretty close though, just as long as the release date doesn’t have a 5 digit year :D.

  6. Don’t worry, you’ll be playing The Cavern while you wait for TCOD to come out 😛

    Hey guess what, I once downloaded an RPG (done in RPG Maker) called exactly Pie In The Sky! It was quite good, instead of money you had a barter system, and well, because of that I never left town. (A couple of hours into the game I got distracted by something shiny and never played it again :S ) I should give it another try some day. At least Jice is starting the player in an interesting wilderness setting, instead of the classic mistake of starting in a town with so many options that half the players will suffer from decision paralysis! 😛 Damn, I need to start taking some notes, the first item I’ll put in fogbugz will be “don’t start the player in a huge town”…

  7. Hey it seems we’re all chasing the same beast… 😉

  8. @admin

    You can download your data out of fogbugz if that will help you sleep better at night. See “Your On Demand Account”, second option from the bottom. They output it two different formats, along with a schema.