MSVC version poll

The Visual Studio version of libtcod is currently compiled with VS2008. Not sure it’s the best choice. So if you’re using libtcod with Visual Studio, head to the poll there. I’ll release¬†¬†1.5.1 compiled with the version with the most users. Thanks for your participation.

P.S. : if you’re a Microsoft hater escaped from the 80s, there’s also an option for you so go and vent your anger… Your vote won’t affect the final decision but somewhere, you’ll feel happier ;D

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  1. 2010 express, I like it !!

    but why … the microsoft removed “Fixedsys” (font) in 2010, cuz IDE with only TrueType support ?

  2. Thanks.
    As for the MS hatred option; I went through a period of Microsoft hatred (although I still used Windows for most of that time). I’m still not a huge fan of some of their business ideas, but most OSes equally frustrate me these days. Plus, Visual Studio is a really damn good IDE, compiler issues aside.

  3. With the recent VS2010 fix, could you guys do a lib release?

  4. Erf I don’t have VS2010 installed yet (I already have 2005 and 2008…) Maybe ask on the forums, in the poll thread. Someone can probably send you his compiled svn version…