less is better / new fonts

Sometimes some lock in your mind keeps you from seeing obvious things in your code. It took me more than two years to realize that custom ASCII mappings and font layouts were exactly the same thing technically. I’ve just REMOVED some code from libtcod and now :

  • custom mappings and font layouts are handled in the same unified way
  • everything works fine with all renderers

This year’s 7DRL showed that non square fonts were missing to a lot of people. Well this is no more an issue. I’ve just added more terminal fonts in svn, including non square ones. They’re all greyscale and using the ASCII_IN_ROW ¬†layout :

  • terminal8x14_gs_ro.png
  • terminal10x16_gs_ro.png
  • terminal10x18_gs_ro.png
  • terminal12x12_gs_ro.png
  • terminal16x16_gs_ro.png





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