Improved lakes

I’ve been quite productive on my next prototype recently. I’m trying to set up a small sandbox where you can experiment various game mechanisms, mostly around items.

Even though I try to focus on those mechanisms, I can’t help but spent a lot of time on visual fluff… This is a lake with reflected clouds. The small dots near the two characters is a shoal of fishes. This is the prelude chapter, before you enter the cave and I try to give it a daydream aspect, where everything’s quite and beautiful and nothing bad can happen. I hope to be able to setup some sound atmosphere to enforce this. Right now all I have is a intro screen music.

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  1. *jaw hits the floor*

  2. jice, you are completely insane, and I mean that in the nicest possible way:D

  3. Well, if you can see it, you can interact with it, right? Like scaring the fishes away..

    Give OGA audio a search. Specifically I think that the following might be of use to you:
    Bird song
    Rustling leaves

    I fully approve of the sounds-instead-of-music thought 🙂

  4. Wow it really conveys that sort of feeling! One more step towards that goal could be to hide the health bar during that stage; many games do this and it signals that you shouldn’t worry about taking damage. Otherwise the player will probably expect a sudden fight scene 🙂 Minor detail though, the rest is awesome!

    Good catch qubodup — you got me thinking, music can break that “suspension of disbelief” and having access to a library of sounds tips the scales in that direction IMO. Many of the recordings there are really professional. I’ll have to consider it for my own game in the future 🙂

  5. Thanks all for your feedback !
    @george thx for dropping the jaw, but keep some bones for when you see it alive 😉
    @TSMI the best compliment I’ve ever had 😀
    @qubodup awesome site ! I’ll surely use lots of those great sounds!! thx a lot. So you’re a sfx artist ? Doing some music too ?
    @Jotaf good idea. I’ll junk the health bar. Added to fogbugz 😉