Brogue 1.2 is out!

Brian has successfully ported Brogue to libtcod thanks to libxtcod.
You can now grab fully working versions for OSX, windows and linux on brogue’s official site.

No need to say it’s a darn good roguelike. It manages to reconcile classic turn by turn roguelike with true colors and easy to use interface. Try it or read following reviews / comments about it !


Warning : the game uses OpenGL renderer, so if you experience performance or rendering issues, just switch to SDL renderer by running it with –SDL parameter or creating a libtcod.cfg file in its directory with following content :

libtcod {

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  1. Awesome!! As a small interface improvement, could just moving the mouse over a tile display the same information as X+Click (examine)? All in all I’m really enjoying this 😀

  2. Brogue is looking great. I tried the old pre-libtcod windows port when it was mentioned on the libtcod forums, and was impressed by pretty much everything except the speed (horrible lag on the pcs i tried it on). Happily, the libtcod version has fixed all speed issues, and the graphics look as good as ever. A brilliant example of a roguelike, that I hope will be seeing lots more development in the future.

  3. I wish I had more time to maintain libxtcod, but I’m happy that it helped at least someone 🙂