doctcod has been updated to add a language filter in the generated pages. Select only the languages you want to see and you can navigate in the documentation without being bothered by other languages. This is basic javascript stuff and should be pretty inoffensive, but if you have issues with your browser, please report them!

Check it there.

If you want a lighter documentation, doctcod can also generate a subset of the doc including only the languages you need. On the current 1.5.1 documentation, you’ll see that lua has been disabled. You could as well disable all languages but yours (but you’ll have to regenerate all the documentation). On another hand, I’m not sure doctcod should be included in the release, I think it should be only for the svn version. It could only confuse casual users who don’t really need it.

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  1. This documentation looks gorgeous! I really wish it was more visible. Took me a looooong time to find this one, and I have to say it’s way more convenient to look through than the other one. Thanks for this!

  2. 😀 this post is 17 months old !! Indeed, it took you eons. It’s indeed pretty awesome, especially since it’s generated from libtcod .hpp files. The silky skin and javascript spells are Mingos’ magic at work… 😉