Bucolic coding

Various experiments, bugs and crashes on the road to good looking forests… Now turn on Beethoven’s 6th symphony and check that picture 😀

The final (bottom right) is the result of two years of work on libtcod and doryen prototypes (obviously, pyromancer! subcell engine), but also third party projects using libtcod, like  “The Way Of Fallen” (look at the way the fov is handled in this picture), “Umbrarum Regnum” (flexible ground system as seen in this picture) and “Aviel’s Stand” (oh my god ! check those trees). This says a lot about how much I owe to people using libtcod…

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  1. Damn, I’m way behind schedule on my eye candy quota… I won’t leave that without a response, mark my words!

  2. Hehehe, but aren’t you changing strategy and focus on gameplay before sweets ? 😉

  3. You forgot to include the music link! :p

    Well.. these broccolis look beautiful! Although I’m not sure I understand what game they are for? Or just for the library? Pyromancer?

  4. PS: These trees…. they… burn, right? 🙂

  5. Gameplay can eat my shorts! 😀 How did you integrate SpeedTree into libtcod?!

  6. Well, yeah, I am. You saw the results anyway :). But the idea is to add the POSSIBILITY of supporting any visuals. So the rendering code of the game window needs to be able to display eye candy too. And the only way to test it is to… well, add some eye candy :D.

    I’ll deal with the display at some point. Right now I have to finish the damn message log. That bloody thing is driving me crazy!

  7. @qubodup : the brocolis are for the tutorial part of “the cave”, another pre-tcod prototype. In the tutorial, you’re not yet in the cave ;).

    @Jotaf : hihihihi, next step is to integrate Aquatica and Havok…

    @mingos : then I’m looking forward seeing those eye candy tests 😉

  8. Hand crafting maps like that must take a long time:O

  9. They’re procedurally generated ! I wouldn’t bother planting each tree by hand 😀