I’ve recently stumbled upon a video made by Jeff Lait :

It’s more than 3 months old, proof that the comments rss feeds on rogue bard is quite bugged… 😉 Both the video and the music are under a creative commons license. You can get the high resolution video on Jeff’s site here : http://www.zincland.com/odyssey/
The music was made by Niko and can be found on the rogue bard.

As far as I know, it’s the first time a rogue bard music is used in a video.
Other music from the rogue bard have already been used in roguelikes, as far as I know :

  • Mingos’ “The Three Caravels”, in Slash’s “Expedition” (7DRL 2009)
  • Quasist’s “Duegar Requiem”, in Jeff Lait’s “Jacob’s Matrix” (7DRL 2009)
  • Mingos’ “Nomad’s Dream” and a customized version of “The rose and the snake” in Slash’s “RULER” (7DRL 2010)
  • “Azog’s March” in Jeff Lait’s “Smart kobolds” (7DRL 2010).

If you used another song in one of your project, send me a comment/mail/post. It’s always good to know rogue bard is useful, as small it is currently… 😉

The flow of posts on libtcod’s forum has reached such a level that I can’t read/answer/track every post anymore. The whole site had more than 350 000 hits in February 2010… Fortunately, in the meantime, experienced libtcod users have started to answer the posts too. The real problem now is to keep track of every bug report and feature request in the forums. It’s not rare that I post “ok, to be done in next release” in the forum and the fix never make it to the release… Moreover, developers started to actively work on the svn trunk with me. Mingos, of course who coded most of the 1.5.0 release, but also Jotaf, on the bleeding python edge, and Chris who recently added two great features : cmake and swig.
All this shows that the library is gaining some real momentum, but also that the forums aren’t anymore adapted to bug and feature tracking. Well, that was a really lengthy and verbose introduction to the new libtcod  bugtracker :

Note that you cannot register, nor create new cases on it. I don’t want it to turn into another time waster. But now, bugs and new features will be listed there, so that we don’t forget them. Moreover, you can have a more detailed and up to date view of the roadmap for the next versions.

Ok, I’m conscious this post is too long and doesn’t meet my visuals/text quota… Sorry for that.

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