7DRL, libtcod community…

Congratulations to the 48 (!) winners of this year 7DRL contest. As far as I remember, that’s more successes than last year’s total number of contestants…
I’ve tracked down 6 entries using libtcod so far. You can check them out here. I especially like “Smart kobolds” by Jeff Lait and “PrincessRL” by flend. Both are built on top of previous year’s 7DRL by the same authors, respectively “Jacob’s Matrix” and “DDRogue”.

[edit] oops ! I just found another one, and not the least !

In the meanwhile, the libtcod community has been pretty productive.

Chris “donblas” Hamons, maintainer of libtcod-net has been doing a great job on libtcod 1.5.1, bringing cmake and swig support to it. This will make it possible to bring libtcod to new platforms, languages and compilers. You can check his progress on magecrawl’s blog.

Michael De Rosa provided a fully working 1.5.1 release for Mac OSX (with working OPENGL support!). Grab it on the third party ports section of the download page.

As always, last but not least, just a few days after someone suggested it on the forum, Mingos, recently promoted as “Drupal battlemage” has built an amazing libtcod cookbook website.

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