SDL callback sample

I’ve just created a sample that demonstrates how to use the SDL callback to add post-processing to the screen at pixel level. Check the video on youtube (sorry no embedded video):

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  1. Rivers! Rivers! Rivers! Where are the rivers ???

    (sorry…) back to the post: are those effects added for cosmetic transitions, like fade out – fade in from one screen to another?

  2. Well, there are lots of potential uses. The easiest is to use it to blit a semi transparent image pn top of the console to add ui decorations.
    Full screen transition fx can be done too.
    most interesting, but more difficult, is to use it directly in the gameplay. Spells fx, obviously, but any other part could be improved that way.

  3. Yes, there was a request for this feature, in order to add a highlight around a selected tile. It means that the limits of the console model are no longer an annoyance for those that, at some point, want to break free of the paradigm. I’m not planning on doing it, but it’s nice to know that the option exists!