libtcod 1.5.0rc1 is out!

New features since 1.5.0b2 :

  • new random number generator (Complementary Multiply With Carry) courtesy of Mingos. This one is 2 to 3 times faster than Mersenne twister and has a much longer period. It’s the default RNG in libtcod 1.5 but you can still use Mersenne twister by explicitely selecting it. It breaks the RNG api btw…
  • Dijkstra pathfinding if now official and documented.
  • added a new sample for C and C++ showing how to use the SDL callback for eye-candy
  • added integer version of the gaussian distribution RNG function
  • noise samples now use subcell resolution
  • added helpers for fast console coloring in python

Check the changelog for more details.

Grab the library here while it’s hot 🙂

[update] libtcod.net 1.5.0rc1 is also available. Now Chris is so fast that I don’t even have to announce libtcod and libtcod.net in different posts 😀

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  1. Libtcod-net demo doesn’t include the callback effect thing (which is a very cool effect, btw). Is it because it’s not possible to do in C# or just because it hasn’t been ported yet?

    More importantly, the libtcod-net download doesn’t include source code for the demo. And if there’s documentation, I haven’t found any. I think there was once a libtcod-net roguelike tutorial on some blog, but apparently it has disappeared. So how does one make a Hello World in libtcod-net? I have no idea. 🙁

  2. I think you should ask those questions on the C# forum. Chris only puts in libtcod.net what he needs for magecrawl. But he generally adds more wrappers as soon as someone ask for them.