4 digits fps…

Smocking FPS…

Antagonist’s GLSL renderer has been succesfully integrated in libtcod 1.5.1 svn trunk. While I consider it currently highly unoptimized (in both the libtcod “client” part and the critical fragment shader), it already skyrocketed the true color sample to the unknown and mysterious world of 4 digits frames per seconds…. It’s only available if you have an OpenGL 1.4 compatible video card (it requires the GL_ARB_shader_objects OpenGL extension). If something goes wrong with openGL, libtcod will hopefully fall back to the default SDL renderer. You can also completely disable the OpenGL renderer by compiling libtcod with -DNO_OPENGL make option, or by uncommenting this option in libtcod.h.

Wrapping frenzy !

Paul Sexton’s common lisp wrapper cl-tcod should be compatible with libtcod 1.5.0 since there are no API changes between 1.5.0rc1 and 1.5.0. Get it there.

Other news on the wrapping side of the force are an ongoing community brainstorming leaded by Jotaf about refactoring the python wrapper. There’s a poll here. Be sure to check it if you’re using the python wrapper for libtcod.  Altefcat also started to work on a epydoc standalone documentation for python that will hopefully be available in the 1.5.1 release.

Umbrarum dokumentum…

Last but not least, Mingos started the documentation reskinning sisyphal work. The new look will be more user friendly and more “library documentation”-esque :).

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  1. Hah, glad you could get some use out of it! And I’m always happy to see my name up in lights and my code being used for something useful 🙂

  2. Awww, you spoiled the surprise 😀
    Besides, the reskinning will take a long time. It’s the most boring work in the world 😀

  3. Oops… Sorry… X)

  4. Damn there’s so much going on with the community these days 😀 Awesome stuff, also the documentation is looking really professional there Mingos 😉