The cave’s biome map

Ok here is more world generation crazyness.
I already had the world temperature map (depends on latitude & altitude) and precipitation map (a simple blurred water/land map, to be improved). From those two maps, I generated a biome map using Whittaker diagram. My goal here is simply to improve the terrain diversity, but the world generator will obviously be of some use for the chronicles of Doryen, once the cave is finished.

The world generator can generate nifty maps with legends. No real use for the gamer, but pretty handy to debug all those parameters…

As you can see, there are still issues (cold desert near equator ??). I have to tweak the temperature map and I will also switch from an Earth-like precipitation map (the equatorial tropical zone is surrounded by two dry bands near cancer and capricorn tropics) to a more game-play-useful map with a single dry zone either above or below the equatorial zone. Indeed, If you’ve just spend a few hours travelling across desert, you don’t want to find deserts again after the equatorial zone.

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  1. I like it.It is intresting and colorfull