Disco time

And here are some free colorful psychedelic posters for people in love with meteorology graphs 🙂

For some weird reason I can’t help but stare at them from time to time, imagining all the adventures and the dungeons that must exist in those worlds… Erm… I think I need to go out more often…

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  1. I think roguelikes have procedural content just for their creator to enjoy them as must as the other regular players 😉

    My feeling on your maps: they look very inspiring, but the lands are somehow arranged by stripes, which does not seem very realistic to me. Is this done on purpose?

  2. Well, the stripes are due to latitude dependant temperature, but I wouldn’t call it “unrealistic” since Earth has pretty much the same pattern :
    Besides, remember the player won’t see the different maps, only the shaded world. Stripes are not so visible on the shaded world.

  3. I think Altefcat meant that the LAND, not meteorological stuff, consists of stripes. I get the same feeling, TBH. Might I suggest generating a single continent rather than just random noise?

  4. oh yeah, on this particular map, it’s not looking very good indeed. It’s because I played with the land mass parameter. But the small 400×400 maps look fine. That’s all I need for the cave… Of course, for TCOD, it’s another story… 😉

  5. Awesome 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to ask, how do you do the pretty legends and stuff? External program?

  6. I’m using a TCODImage bigger than the map and legends are external PNGs that I blit next to the map. No external program, only good ol’ libtcod 😉 Of course, they couldn’t be display on the console.