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Zombie day

A new game as been released by the #1 libtcod user team : synoth and buub0nik. They deserve the “#1 user” title twice :

  • they released the first game ever made with libtcod : a 7DRL called Chrysalis
  • they have the higher number of games released using libtcod with 3 games.  Their second game is last year 7DRL contest’s Epic ! Monster Quest : Hyper

This time, they made it in 6 days only and offer an zombie themed strategy game for this Halloween week : 6 days later. Congratulations to them for this third in a row success.

Roguelike tutorial

I also wanted to point out an ongoing effort to write a multi-language tutorial to create a full featured roguelike with libtcod. The project is pretty ambitious, but it’s really something that would make it easier for beginner programmers to enter the roguelike world (even for those not intending to use libtcod). Feel free to support, comment or contribute :


Umbra engine

While still not in a releasable state, the Umbra engine, a thin framework on top of libtcod, has already been successfully integrated into my next Doryen prototype. The goal of Umbra is to increase the production quality of games while reducing development times by providing out of the box advanced features like dynamic font size switching, screen transitions and a clean module framework. Who knows where it can go from there …

thecave-umbraThe cave – work in progress

(no this is not a planet, it’s a map seen through a glass orb….)


Gubs in the den

I had almost forgotten that The Den has just had it’s fifth article, this time on a small refreshing card game. Many thanks to Jotaf for this great first contribution.

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