Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I think the news is hot enough to be here. There will be a before November, 5 2009 and an after November, 5 2009. Hobbyist game development will never be the same because of this :


You can forget all the cheap game development frameworks and even the free, open source ones, because the best, the most professional, the most complete game development engine is now free for non commercial use. This brings state of the art lighting, animation, speedtree and everything that powers the most expensive commercial games to every game developer…

I think lots of companies shipping small $100 engines will be blown away by this unexpected and unbelievable move from Epic Games… I don’t know if this will help or hurts the video game industry, but to me, it’s as if Ferrari offered a car to any non professional driver.

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  1. Unity also was released for free (noncomercial) use as well…


  2. Now who’s going to make the first roguelike with UDK? 🙂