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Two good RPG deals currently available on steam. You may like them or not but with such a low price, it’s worth buying them only to study them.

Mass Effect 14€99 : pretty cheap for such a visually gorgeous rpg with really good storyline and dialogs. The dialog cinematics, using the game engine, are one of the best I’ve seen so far.


Torchlight 14€39 : from the guys behind the failed Hellgate London (and from the guys behind Diablo, but every game seems to have at least one of them these days…). A pretty good pastime while waiting for Diablo 3 release. The game seems very arcade oriented but with this price, there’s not much risk involved. You might want to wait for the official release of this one in one week to see if the reviews are good.


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  1. Torchlight looks like it’ll be good.